Thursday, May 28, 2009


We got new pools and set them up for the boys today! It was nice to get outside and play! The water is still a litte cold in the big pool so Nicholas played a little in the baby pool with his bro-bro and had squirt gun fights and did some yard work with Daddy. Ayden liked his pool, but it was a little later in the afternoon when Nicholas got home from school and the pools were all ready so he got sleepy and was a little discourage after his first face palnt in the water! ( He's learning how to cruise while holding on to things, he hasn't quite mastered his step and Mr Curious had to get up on the big pool to check it out!) Tomorrow its suppose to get near 80 and we are SO ready for some outside playing and our little "Heatwave"! Hopefully we will get lots of use out of our pools this summer!

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