Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful Beautiful Life!!!!!!

Things have been busy for us but wonderful! we are gearing up for summer & we are so excited for the warm weather and Summer fun! It's going to be a extra fun Summer this year because Mommy get to be home with the boys all suummer, So we are going to make the best of it and do lots of outdoor things! Daddys playing soft ball again this summer and we really enjoy it when it's nice weather and we get to go watch him play! Yesterday we registered Nicholas for Soccer! The soccer season starts in September! We were too late to register him for t ball this year but we are going to be on top of it next season, Nicholas really enjoys playing baseball & surprises us with how well he can hit the ball & that is his favorite sport to play so far. We are also going to get him started in Cub scouts next year, I looked online and they have a pack through his school, so we are excited for him to do that, I think it is a GREAT thing for boys to keep busy! Thats all for now, we will try to keep our Blogging going! It's neat to read updates on all of our Family!


  1. Let us know when Nicholas's games are so we can try and mak it.

  2. That sounds like so much fun, if you guys ever want to come visit, we have a room for ya!!